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Certified and Board Approved Clinical Sexologist, Master Sexpert, Founder of "Straight"... But Not Narrow Ladies™, Relationship, Intimacy & Business Coach, Influencer, Speaker, Cornell University Women's Entrepreneurship, Generational Curse Breaker, Brand Ambassador and Event & Travel Experience Curator.

It's probably obvious that my skill sets are expansive. I've created, enhanced and brought many ideas, projects and businesses across various industries to fruition. Interestingly, they all seem different in isolation but on a macro level they are very similar. The foundation for most of our human experiences are rooted in the different types of relationships and intimacy. From dating, to business, to sex, to food, to relationship, to clothing, and the list goes on!

Many of us weren't taught the intricacies and skills needed to love and accept our authentic selves, articulate our wants without shame or fear of judgment, communicate openly, allow and create space for vulnerability, own our sexuality, be good partners, be accountable and responsible for our own happiness, and nurture and sustain healthy relationships. This deficiency or lack of teaching/learning can show up and impact various parts of our lives and experiences.

I work with people to learn the lessons, bring visibility and create dialogue around culturally taboo and heavily stigmatized topics and the things we may not be taught but need to know. I'm super passionate about entrepreneurship, relationships and intimacy. I enjoy helping people go deeper within and experience more intentional, meaningful, aligned and purposeful interactions, relationships and experiences to achieve their goals!

I curate and host events, workshops, retreats and travel experiences to help people go deeper, explore and transform. I also offer more intimate and customized 1:1, couples and group coaching experiences.

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My suggested tools, apps and tips for women entrepreneurs. I'm curating a workshop to teach aspiring, new and understaffed entrepreneurs that wear ALL the hats ways to better manage some behind the scenes and very essential business functions.

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G makes me feel seen, heard and affirmed. She offers great advice and actionable SOLUTIONS in a direct and easy to understand way. She has helped me brain storm, problem solve and bring ideas to fruition for years!"

I've got 2 offers...

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